2017-2018 Meetings

October 2, 2017
Our Annual welcome Back Meeting

November 6, 2017
Guest Speaker: Colleen Millett on Ancestry.com

December 4, 2017
Guest Speaker: Judy Linnebach on FamilySearch.com

January 8, 2018
Finding and Fixing Errors in your Family Tree

February 5, 2018
Guest Speaker: Bette Hilner on Family History Guide Program

March 5, 2018
Family History Conference: A full day of special speakers

April 2, 2018
Guest Speaker: Susan Brayer on Genealogy Time Lines

May 7, 2018
Guest Speaker: Robert M Wilbanks IV U.S.Civil War History

Annual Family History Conference

Our annual Family History Conference will be held Monday Match 5, 2018 in the Tewa Room at the Kiva Club. Tickets are now available at Member Services for $25, and include lunch. Check-in is at 9:00 am, with the conference starting at 9:30 and will last unttil about 3 pm.

We have three professional speakers scheduled to discuss family history, research, and using DNA to discover your roots. This event is open to all Trilogy members and their guests. You don't need to be a member of the Genealogy Club. Come join us for this exciting journey into our Family History.


Those who came before us lived in what we now call history. They built the world into which we were born. We are their legacy. To know them we must trace back through history, and knowing them extends our family back in time, broadens our horizons, and enriches our lives.

Our ancestors were much more than names and dates on a genealogy chart. These were hardy, driven people, determined to make a better life for themselves, their children and generations yet to come. We are here and we are who we are because of them. Their blood flows through our veins and their spirits are in our souls.

We are a group of Trilogy residents who are interested in learning more about our families and where we came from. We are not professional genealogists. Some of us have gathered significant information about our ancestors and some of us are just starting to explore our family tree. We meet monthly to learn from each other and from our guest speakers, and to help each other in our explorations.

We welcome our fellow residents to join us for any one of our meetings as our guest. We hope that you will find it interesting and decide to join our club.

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