June 2011
About Our Ancestors
We are born of pioneers, brave souls that risked everything to settle in a new land. They came from Europe during the age of kings when royalty and clergy ruled and the people found themselves at an almost constant state of war. They came in tiny ships to a distant, untamed land and founded towns that became cities and colonies that became a nation. They came, they built, they suffered, they laughed, they cried, they loved, they lived and they died. They were real people with real lives, and we are their legacy.

When the original settlements and colonies were well established, their children pushed the limits of the frontier, opening new areas and spreading civilization. No less hardy than those who came before them, and with the same goals and ambitions, they grew the new world. They were joined by new immigrants from all over the old world with similar dreams and aspirations whose strength, culture and blood were added to our heritage.

When the kings tried to impose their will on the new land, our ancestors rose in rebellion and fought for freedom and for the new country. From the Green Mountain Boys to the Continental Army, From Connecticut to Massachusetts to Vermont to New York they joined the battle, and when it was over America became the only country to ever defeat the British Empire.

With the revolution won our ancestors proceeded to build the country and expand the frontier. Within a few generations they were called upon to help preserve the Union and defeat the evil of slavery and the economy of the south that was based on it by fighting for the Union, at a terrible personnel cost. With the worst war in the history of the US over, our ancestors continued down the path of pioneers. Today the descendents of those early ancestors are spread far and wide.
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Our Tree of Life - "It Takes a Heap of Living"