June 2011
The Ancestry of the Rev. Charles B. Alford
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Navigating Our Tree of Life

Choose any generation on the left to begin exploring a family in this ancestory.

Each family contains pages describing the lives they lived, the children, and their parents.  Each family also has a chart page that shows you the relationships and allows you to navigate to other generations.  Finally, each family has a photo collection. 

To navigate to the maternal family of any generation, go to the chart for the family where that maternal line joins our tree, and click on the maternal parents block in the upper right corner of the chart.  If we have data and the pages for that family, you will be taken to their chart page and the generations block on the left of that chart will switch so that you can navigate to earlier generations in that line.

At any time you can get back to the site home page to select a different surname by clicking on the Site Home button.