June 2011
About Genealogy
“Genealogy is a fascinating hobby. It is like a huge puzzle which is never completely solved, but one bit of information leads to another, and it becomes especially exciting when you find a book on one of your family lines that ties in with your parents records and gives you names, dates, and places for several generations.

“Elbert Hubbard once wrote, "The man who has nothing more to boast of than his illustrious ancestors is like a potato--the best part of him is underground". The objective, however, is not so much to find out if some of your ancestors were famous., but rather to learn who they were, when and where they lived, and even more interesting, what did they do and how did they live.

“My interest in the subject was stimulated in 1933 by a neighbor, Robert Phillips, in Nassau, N. Y. At first I agreed with Elbert Hub­bard. Then I suddenly realized that I was not only a descendant, but also an ancestor, and that some people in a future generation might want to know where they came from and how their ancestors lived.

“We are very fortunate that it was common practice to keep records in Family Bibles of all births, marriages, and deaths. These Bibles became especially valuable when all town records were destroyed when the town clerk’s house burned down.

“Most genealogical books are written, starting with the first immigrant ancestor and tracing all of his known descendents, genera­tion after generation. This story has been set up in the opposite direction, starting with our parents and going back to the first immigrants. This is your Tree of Life.”
Genealogy was a life long interest of Scott Alford. In 1970-1984 he published a special book for his children, their children, and generations to come that told the story of our ancestors. He called that book “The Tree of Life”. The above quote and much of the information on this site is taken from his work.
Our Tree of Life - "It Takes a Heap of Living"