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Now available from and other leading booksellers

Now available from and other leading booksellers

In another part of the galaxy there is an entity of vast intelligence. He is called the Emperor, and his subjects know him only as "Your Highness." He was created by an ancient species to rule the galaxy on their behalf. His mission is to maintain order and to preserve the galaxy for the day they return.

He is immortal, and is served by a theocracy that believes their creators are gods and that they rule the galaxy by divine right. They have the means to enforce their will and to destroy entire star systems inhabited by any species that they see as a threat to their mission.

He is the Galaxy Keeper and he has just learned about the human race.

The League has new technology and team fourteen has a new ship that is much faster than the old one, vastly increasing the extent of space that can be explored. Very high speed robotic probes have been sent to search for signs of intelligent life. Amanda and TJ cancel their honeymoon plans when one of these probes returns to report that it has located at least two intelligent species that have achieved interstellar travel and they are at war.

The explorers learn there are five different species involved. The war, unpopular with the masses, has taken on a life of its own, with those in power on both sides of the conflict benefitting financially. They also discover that the war has not gone without notice by the Beltarians, and the Emperor has already decided to use his own means of bringing it to an end.

A delicate peace, negotiated with the Emperor by Amanda and Katron, two members of Alpha Team Fourteen, has been maintained for seven years. Now, suddenly, all is at risk, when a small group of human bureaucrats violate the rules of the agreement in an attempt to seize power. The members of Team Fourteen are once again called upon to intervene. They soon discover that the situation is far more complex and dangerous then was initially apparent.

The Team Members are shocked when the meet one of their original creators, and learn the true history and current state of affairs of the galaxy, and of the many threats that await the species of the Alliance as they reach for the stars.

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The Long Awaited Final Book of the Galaxy Keeper Trilogy