After 3,000 years of space exploration, humans, in partnership with the Ventrons, control a little over one percent of the known galaxy in a loose confederation of planetary governments known as the Galactic League. A team of explorers, working on the fringe of League space, has disappeared after discovering an apparently abandoned city that was obviously built by a highly advanced alien civilization. Key to their sudden disappearance is a huge crystal pyramid that is located at the very center of the city.

The League responds by sending their most successful exploration team to locate and hopefully recover the ones that have been lost. Amanda, who has just graduated from the academy, joins TJ, the street-wise team doctor, Kimshee and Katron, the team's Ventron bonded pair, and the other team members as they follow the first team through the Crystal Pyramid to the heart of the galaxy. There they discover a galactic empire run by ruthless priests who believe the Creators have ordained them as rulers of the entire galaxy, and apparently have the technology and weapons to impose their rule.

While the counsel of high priests debates if they should destroy the human race or rule it, the explorers struggle to find a means of escape in order to warn the League of this impending threat.

This is a fast paced story of high adventure on a distant world where the unexpected happens at every turn. It is an adventure that will keep the reader guessing until the very last page.

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